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Upcoming Events:-


New puppy term starts at Buriton, April 4th 2024.
New class specifically for rescues and rehomed dogs will start soon at Hambledon.

Archived News:-

New Puppy classes in Southsea

Waggy Tail's Instructor Francesca Willis is starting a new term of puppy classes at St Swithun's Church Hall, Southsea on Tuesdays. For more information please contact Francesca directly at

New Training Centre!

We will move to our new training centre during September. The new premises are situated in a former agricultural building that has been especially converted for our use and is over three times larger than the Waterlooville centre. 

Wallops Wood, Sheardley Ln, Droxford, Southampton, Hampshire SO32 3QY, 

Coming from Hambledon towards Droxford turn right at the cross roads into Sheardley Lane. You will soon come to the buildings of Wallops Wood Farm, continue to the last buildings where there is space for six or seven cars to park. If there are no parking spaces available there should be plenty of room in the main car park that you would have passed. Walk down the track, Waggy Tails is situated in the middle one of the larger grey buildings.


Return to Buriton!

After a year using temporary venues the Thursday evening classes will return to Buriton on 2nd April! Thank you to Rake and Milland Village Halls for accommodating us while the works have been carried out at Buriton.


Temporary move to Milland on Thursday evenings

We had hoped to return to Buriton for the new year, especially as Rake Village Hall was no longer available on thursday evenings. However the works are still a few weeks away from completion, so we are temporarily moving to Milland Valley Memorial Hall. Class times etc. remain unchanged. The post code for Satnav is GU30 7NA

Flood Damage at Buriton

** Januray 2015 - The work is progressing and should be completed with the next couple of months

** Further Update October 2014 - The hall has finally dried out and works commenced to refurbish the damaged areas. We will be returning to Buriton early in 2015. 

** Update 24/4/2014 - Buriton Hall will be out of action until July at the earliest. However we plan to start the summer term on Buriton Rec at the end of May, at which point the many people on the waiting list can join us. Please check back for confirmation of dates and venues.

From 25th February Buriton Village Hall has been forced to close for approximately six weeks for repairs to be carried out following a couple of floods suffered over the winter. Our Thursday classes will be held at Rake Village Hall on a temporary basis during this period.


Agility for Fun!!

Exciting new class at Waterlooville. Small class sizes working on basic agility (jumps, tunnels and weaves) with the emphasis on the dogs and handlers having fun together! This class is held at 6pm on wednesday evenings, with an addition class starting on mondays soon. 

Waterlooville Training Centre:-

The Waggy Tails Canine Training and Activity Centre is now open. This will give us a base to hold our workshops, one to one training sessions and various other dog training activities. The hall has a mirrored wall and lots of training resources to hand. The hall is also available to hire at £15 per hour, please email for more details.

As of Arpil 2013 we will be based in a new Unit, which has twice the training area! See here for more details soon.

Summer Term:-

General Training with Tony

Regular exercises as per the Good Citizen Scheme. Taking place on the field, giving some dogs the chance to train in a new, more distracting environment. This group is open to all levels and hopefully will lead into Good Citizen tests later in the summer.

This group will primarily take place on the field although may share the hall with the tricks group (numbers permitting) in bad weather.


Basic Agility with Claudine

Working outside on the basic control needed to do agility, and having a go at weaving, jumping and tunnel exercises. The aim will be to set up mini courses and competitions as the weeks progress. The group is open to all ages and abilities, although the younger dogs may not be able to do the full jumps.

This group will take place on the field and will be cancelled in bad weather.


Tricks and Heelwork to Music with Jane

Teach your dog all sorts of clever and spectacular tricks and moves. There is no limit to what dogs can be taught, so this group is open to all levels of experience.

This group will primarily be held in the hall so will be unaffected by bad weather.


Recall and Whistle Training with Sandy

Working through a syllabus devised by a top American trainer, this course will help develop the best possible recall through strengthening the dog and handlerís relationship and building an instinctive reaction to the whistle.

This group will be held on the field and will take place in all weathers! 


These classes will be held at 8pm each Thursday at Buriton - £5 per dog per week. 


Good Citizen Passes:-

Bronze Carol & Bobby, Coralie & Belle, Helen & Tika
Silver Sandy & Joe, Jo & Antki, Pearl & Tom, Jane & Tessa, Joanne & Cara, Stephanie & Daisy
Gold Jo & Gee, Tony & Devon, Sara & Toggle, Sandy & Nike

New Assessment Tests:-

From the start of the September 2011 term the club will be running new assessment tests for all levels within the club. Check here again soon for full details.

Susanne Jaffa Competition Obedience Course:-

Susanne will come to Buriton on 19th & 20th November for a weekend course. All handler places have already been reserved, but spectators are welcome.
Susanne is one of the UK's most successful trainers, her recent achievements include:

Wt & Ob Ch Amberslade Buccaneer - Winner of the Crufts obedience championship 2010, and in 2011 became the first dual Working Trials and Obedience Champion in 30 years.

Wt Ch Accra Eazel Bob Pdex - First australian shepherd working trials champion and holder of the acclaimed PDex title.

Ob Ch Cagasa Dark and Delicious - First australian shepherd obedience champion, despite being a rescue dog with a difficult past.  

Enrollment now being taken here:-
Susanne Jaffa 



2010 Good Citizen Passes include:-

Bronze - Lorraine & Barney, Ann & Dot, Amanda & Zebedee, Stuart & Inca, Pearl & Tom, Alan & Bailey, Caroline & Sookie, Chris & Pippa, John, Julie & Derby, Anna & Dotty, Neil & Barney, Dot & Daisy, Lee & Merlin, Pennie & Archie
Silver - Rachel & Bruno, Stuart & Inca, Chris & Pippa, Sue & Dexter
Gold - Rachel & Bruno, Chris & Pippa, Sue & Dexter, Alan & Murphy

More Good Citizen Passes:-


Louise & Muckle, Tim & Tanner, Lesley & Whiskey, Rhys & Ruby and Sue & Toto.

Lastest Good Citizen Passes:-


Jo & Gee, Caroline & Bruno, Lyn & Tammy, Gavin & Bob, June & Phoebe, Gavin & Bob, Eleanor & Dylan, Sara & Toggle


Rebekah & Buddy, Keri & Holly, Claudine & Lilly, Sally & Whizzer, Sue & Archie, Caroline & Bruno

Well done everyone!

Also, so far in 2008 more than 50 puppies (under 6 months) have passed their Good Citizen Puppy Assessment.

Bronze Good Citizen test at Horndean

Well done to Natalie & Dylan and Stephenie & Daisy for gaining their bronze awards.

Latest Good Citizen Passes

Bronze:- Eleanor & Dylan, Jackie & Hattie, Gavin & Bob, Caroline & Bruno, Jackie & Josh

Silver:- Rebecca & Dougal, Miranda & Zoe, Rebekah & Buddy

Bronze Awards at Buriton on 28th February

Congratulations to the following for passing their tests :-

Rebekah & Buddy, Andy & Sneakers and Rebecca & Dougal

Good Citizen Tests at Horndean on 12th December

Congratulations to the following for passing their Good Citizen Tests:-

Bronze:- Jenny & Hudson, Sally & Bramble, Lyn & Tammy, Vince & Pops, June & Phoebe

Competition Class 2007

Our monthly competition class mainly consists of beginnner obedience handlers looking for a bit of fun and a challenge clicker training their dog for competitive obedience. Highlights for club members this year include:-

Sara & Toggle - Won out of pre-beginnners and beginners and qualified for the final of the Special Good Citizen Pre-Beginner Stakes at Crufts for the second successive year.

Tina & Moss - Numerous places at open shows.

Maggie & Poppet (toy poodle) + Georgina & Merlin (whippet) - Both picked up their first open show places.

Tony & Devon (aussie) - Began competing in novice at the end of the season and picked up 3 places.

Good Citizen Tests at Buriton on 27th September

Congratulations to the following for passing their Good Citizen Tests:-

Bronze:- Nick & Poppy, Miranda & Zoe, Lorraine & Rusty

Silver:- Alan & Whizzer, Sian & Archie, Sue & Bazil, Mollie & Berti

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Competition on 24th November:-

Members of Meon Valley DTC & Domino Dog Training met up for a fun evening including a ten class match. Congratulations to the four members of the Meon Valley team who won their classes:- Val & Dell, Georgina & Merlin, Sara & Toggle and Lorraine & Dizzy.

The Meon Valley team was: Val & Dell, Sara & Toggle, Lorraine & Dizzy, Maggie & Poppet, Sue & Freya, Steve & Bramble, Dorothy & Gem, Georgine & Merlin, Diane & Olly, Claudine & Lilly. Reserve Sue & Dylan.

Good Citizen Tests at Buriton on 23rd September

Congratulations to the following for successfully passing their tests:-


Sandy & Nike, Rhys & Molly, Bob & Keith and Pat & Pozzo


Jan & Oscar, Pat & Pozzo, Sandy & Nike and Tony & Devon


Fiona & Rosie and Jan & Oscar

Good Citizen Tests at Buriton on 13th May

Congratulations to the following for successfully passing their tests:-


Jan & Oscar, Keri & Holly, Yvonne & Ollie and Charis & Gigha


Keri & Holly, Iain & Dura, Mauri & Toddy and Catherine & Max


Tricia & Keira, Val & Flint, Diane & Ollie, Sue & Freya, Georgina & Merlin and Mauri & Misty

Competition with Domino Dog Training Club at Rake on 10th April

Well done to our team who all completed a round based on the Kennel Club's Good Citizen Scheme Special Pre-beginners. Huge congratulations to Val Uden and Flint who was the overall individual winner on the night and also to Tina Gould who was 4th with Moss. Domino DTC just scraped the team prize, so congratulations to Julia Harbord and her team. Many of Meon Valley DTC's were working in a competition for the first time and everyone put in a creditable performance. A return match is already being planned, hopefully to be held at Buriton in the autumn. Meon Valley's team was:-

Val with Flint (1st) & Toddy, Sue with Dylan & Freya, Tina with Moss (4th), Claudine with Lilly, Diane with Ollie, Maggie with Poppet, Georgina with Merlin and Steve with Bramble. 





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